DEREN Electronics was established in 1992 and mainly focus on the market for connectors & precision components that for Home Appliance, Consumer and Automotive Electronics, and Telematics Technology. DEREN was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock market in 2006. DEREN own group holding companies, Sino-foreign joint venture, overseas joint venture, overseas trading companies, and overseas sales and service branches.
  • 得润电子:关于子公司获得光束汽车业务定点的公告得润子公司被指定为光束汽车“ODP集成式车载电源管理模块”项目独家供应商。 more+
  • Interview with DEREN Electronics Executives: Focus on Power Supply and Connection Technology Innovation to Help the Transformation of New Energy Automobile IndustryAs a leading connector manufacturer in China, DEREN Electronics has gradually achieved results in the field of automotive electronics. A few days ago, Qiu Yang, president of the company, and other senior executives accepted an exclusive interview with the reporter of Securities Times·e Company, expounded market strategy and industry trends, the company's planning and deployment around the new energy vehicle electronics field. more+
  • DEREN Electronics Won FAW-Volkswagen "(Jetta) Outstanding" Contribution AwardRecently, DEREN Auto Parts (Chongqing) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of DEREN Electronics, won the FAW-Volkswagen "(Jetta) Outstanding" Contribution Award. more+
  • DEREN Electronics Won FAW-Volkswagen Outstanding Partner AwardRecently, Changchun KSD Auto Parts Co., Ltd., a joint venture of DEREN Electronics, won the FAW-Volkswagen Outstanding Partner Award. more+